The machine will tell that it is ready to use when it moves its gates. Power off and then on again if this would not happen within two minutes.

means that a new deal file is created and Resume last that you will continue with the last used deal file.

Recent files lists the last used deals and All files lists all files except those that are removed, see Manage archive as regards the removed.

USB stick
This option is active when you have inserted a USB stick in the machine (beside the power inlet). The lead text changes from "USB" to "Storage" when activated.

The source deals will be copied to Duplimapp's file system when you click on the source file. You are advised to remove the USB stick as soon as the Settings screen appears.

The inbuilt help gives you instant advice on the situation that you are in when you click the ? button.

Note that you can display a list of all subjects by clicking the button List all help pages. You find this button on all pages except this one. (Click on any of the links below to access the button.)

You can access manuals, service documents and  up to date Help files on the Internet at

Manuals, instructions, service documents, etc. are found in a library.

Contact details are found on the About page found via SYSTEM.

By clicking the Home icon that you find on all screens except the Home ditto you will come to the screen shown above. This is useful when you are lost (or stuck).

The WiFi icon app tells which machine the app is linked to This is important info if there are more than one machine in use.

Exclamation mark indicates that there is an update to do.

The books icon (the three upright standing bars) leads to the archive where you find all events.

The System icon (the three vertical dots) displays the System & varia menu.