You are advised to enter your standard settings on the Dealing settings page that you find via the SYSTEM menu.

Enter the lowest numbered deal in the From box and the highest numbered deal in the To box. That is to say, set 10-20 and Decending if you want to duplicate the boards in order from 20 to 10.

The recommendation is to enter 3 if you need to duplicate three sets of boards. This is to make sure that you get three duplicates of each board (and not 4 of one no. and 2 of another). Enter asterisk (*) or zero (0) to disable the copies totally control.

What you should enter here depends on how the boards are organized. You should enter "1" if you want three piles of boards 1-32, but "3" if you want one pile for each board no.

Boards´order should only be used if you have board no. stickers on the backs and do not need to have the boards sorted in any order. You should choose Ascending if you have stickers on the backs of the boards and want to have the boards in chronological order.

What will happen when you click the Special button depends on if deals exist or not.

Deals exists
You can Edit existing deals.

Deals do not exist
You can tailor make deals, type, or hand deal them and even read deals from (played) decks. c.f. the Special page deal options.

You should not show the deals and/or the makeable contracts if you will play the deals.

DOWNLOAD (Windows)
You have the possibility to download the deals to your PC.

Select target
The downloaded files will by default be put in the "Downloads" folder. You can set another download directory via the dropdown menu in the header of the Settings page.

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